Syllabus / Course of study

The school follows the CBSE and NCERT syllabus for Secondary and Senior Secondary classes for maintaining equilibrium geneal objective of the educational system of the society. The subjects offered for study are:-

  1. 1.Secondarylevel(upto class-x); English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Disaster management, Environmental Study as the main subject and Computer Science, Moral Science,General Knowledge,SUPW as additional subject.
  2. 2. The teaching methods are centered on the 'learner Response Theory and the teachers pursue the interactive method of teaching . To keep pace with the modern technology and to fulfill the demand of computational expertise, Computer education has been made compulsory subject for students of class-I and above.

Subject offered at senior secondary level

  • Science :- English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry , Biology, Hindi, Geography and PHE

  • Commerce :- English, Accountancy, Business Study, Economic, Mathematics, Geography and PHE & Hindi

  • Arts :- English, Geography, History, Political-Science, Hindi, Economics & PHE